An end but not The End

Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. - Unknown author, quoted by Buster Benson

In May, as in any time where the vibration of 9 month holds sway, we are at an end but not The End. Deeply entrenched in our 4 universal year, we have arrived at a marker in the road that says, “you are definitely leaving one territory for another, like it or not. Regrets, but you must move along.”

“As individuals, we’re having our minds blown, and it’s presenting us with opportunities that are as radical as they are rare. We’re thinking about things we’ve always taken for granted.”

Mothersky Astrology

If you take anything away from the quality of the 9 and the lessons of May, please remember that we live a linear existence : the way we were last year is different than the way we are now and our forever tomorrows. We are changed as a result of our yesterdays. We can miss the past, but if we return to it heedlessly, we are unprotected by its lessons, at great peril.

With the nine month, we’ll agonize over our choices, shifting through in real time the ramifications of our decisions, coming to terms with some, regretting others, mourning them all. 

Think about this…we are trying as a society, as a world, to come together, seeking higher principles / methods to be better ethically, environmentally, spiritually, etc. but there is rampant, confounding confusion over the right path(s) forward.

In eras like these, the barriers to change are radically truncated but our decisions are still difficult! Sure, we have our options narrowed by the terms of survival, but that doesn’t make choosing easier. The stakes are greater. The rationality of leaving behind the familiar comfort of our former lives feels fuzzy and unwelcome…is this really it? Must we change? Um, yes, we must.

The unforeseen happens regularly, and then not a few people forget that it does and look forward to a foreseeable future all over again and pretend they foresaw what surprised them, flatten the bump back into their smooth version of reality.

Rebecca Solnit

When forced to reshape our lives in response to a global pandemic overlapping a time of economic turmoil (sheesh!), we’d rather the transition happen quickly, calmly and cleanly. But equanimity and progress are sourced from much different wells . In this time of ubër planetary retrogrades, we’ll all need to be adaptable and patient to succeed. If we are intractable, we break. If we are tolerant, flexible, and inquisitive we grow in resilience, nimble enough to cross over to the new land carrying our scars, our precious memories (and our traumas). But cross over we can.

People, during times of prolonged, radical change, end up changing.

Luka Lucic, Pratt Institute psychologist
Time for some blue sky thinking…

So grapple, negotiate, evaluate, and swallow hard as you ponder your next steps. We are past spring’s threshold, and ready to consider some questions:

  1. Meditate on the nature of some things (but not all things) ending. (See Here, and here.). What will you let go of? What do you need, what is worth carrying forward, and what is simply fluff, excess, harmful? And what is essentially unknowable?
  2. Also open for debate…what areas of your life should remain but need a radical redo? If you could start again, where would you? How would you? Imagine what that might look like. (For reference and comparison, here are a list of universal 9 years from this century and the last – 2011, 2002, 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957, 1948, 1939, 1930, 1921, 1912, 1903).
  3. Don’t forget 9 is also a cautionary number…we can’t quite be sure what is what, because we don’t have all the information yet. Given that there are blind spots, where is caution necessary? There’s no need to make hasty decisions but there is a need to Pay Attention!

When a society is cracked open, change finds a foothold.

Jessica Murray, MotherSky Astrology
The past, bathed in a warmish glow.

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  1. Lot’s to ponder and much hard swallowing awaits me! Thank you!


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