So, July’s scope has remained unposted up to now and I beg forgiveness for my tardiness. July is a universal nine-month and I’ve been busy in the 3-D world, tossing and giving things away to make room for the new stage to beset in August. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

For the rest of July, make sure you have your work clothes on! For these final two weeks, gear up for a mad push to make ready, jettisoning those things that have finally come to a point of completion. Happily move items out of the “I’ll-make-use-of-you-one-day” pile to the “thanks-for-the-memories-and-there’s-the-door” pile. Tear through closets and scary drawers, bulldoze through the messes of mishmash accumulating in those untended nooks and crannies, find things you’d thought you’d lost…believe me, you’ll be happy you did come August 1st.

This works on a relationship level too. There may be a strong current of unspoken feelings underpinning your various associations with others. Fear may have kept you from verbalizing your true sentiments. Now however, it may be appropriate to daylight these concerns.

July operates under the principle of surrender, as in acknowledging that it’s the fate’s very own Miller Time. Time to prepare for and call it a day; time to put things to bed and say we’re done. However difficult, we can feel touched by a magical grace when allowing ourselves to finish with something (or with someone), even if we have we have a hard time with the idea of parting or letting circumstances evolve into something completely different.

It all hinges on the idea of balance and equilibrium. For new things to come into life, a corresponding number of things must-often emotionally-leave. This is where the energy of August sweeps in on a confident world wind of discovery.

So be proactive and keenly train your eyes toward your august goals…

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