Endings illuminated – July 2018

July is a 9 month in an 11 year. Endings are illuminated.

IMG_3382I conceived of July as the sound of doors closing.  So many, many bad things are happening.  So many treasured institutions have been corrupted, turned on their heads, pissed upon.

It’s overwhelming, it’s defeating and soul-defying…pushing people to limits they really never knew they had.  Collectively, we are in agony, as one way of being expires, as ways of life as we knew it, are extinguished.  It’s the line in the sand, critical moments where we define life in this manner before and thusly after.  The landscape before us will be vastly different.

The culmination and cessation of something much loved and cherished is never easy, there are huge heaping helpings of sorrow, regret, deep and unresolved anguish involved in the business of being human in 2018.   We are in the process…mourning for that which is dying, grieving over what has, inconceivably, vanished.  Lamination is valid.

What is also proper is to plan for the new path aheadEndings include beginnings.
This is part of what we’ll see in August 2018, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Hug yourselves as we reach the wanted and unwanted endpoints of journeys.

We’ve all lost things, all suffered some level of bereavement and dispossession, this stuff of life.  Some take the experience silently, absorbing it into their souls with whisper-like aplomb.  Others are riotous finishers, announcing the end to any and all within earshot.  Which one or combination of these depictions describe you?
If you don’t know now, you will.  The end of a road is self-clarifying in and of itself…

That great treasure Ursula Le Guin said poignantly:
“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”  – ‘Left Hand of Darkness’

As we finish July, we need to reclaim and reframe our ongoing stories with the ends in mind.

From today’s perspective, how might you characterize a journey that is coming to a conclusion?   What matters most to you about the elements of closure for some of the current journies you’ve been on?

To put it another way…our lives are little more than a jumbled collection of facts until we give these facts meaning.  What significance will You attach to this passage of your life?
It is an important and necessary tasks of human incarnation that we create, develop and shape the stories of our own lives.
It’s the work of what  James C. Ingebretsen, Author of “Apprentice to the Dawn“, calls ‘self-unfoldment‘.  It’s one of the reasons that I started studying esoterica in the first place, as did Thoreau, Annie Dillard,  Siddhartha Gautama, and dedicated diarist Anais Nin.   If you choose to do this work, you’re in good company.

Here are related time periods of closure to look for inspiration, excavation, investigation, and/ or clarification:

11 Universal Year, 9 Universal Month:
The months of July in 2009, 2000, and 1991

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