November 2018 – The Wheel of the Year

Written in the spirit of  Tikkun Olamrepairing the world.

November ushers in the thinning of the membrane that is the fall…as we travel round the circle of life, we encounter such familiar positions, annually.  But this month, beginning significantly with the cross-quarter Samhain / Day of the Dead, we find ourselves at an entry point to some of the strongest riptides imaginable, and that’s saying a lot given what we’ve been through so far.
Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art.” – Ursula Le Guin.
November is a master 22 month in an aging master number 11 year.  Such times are unmistakable in their signature…we don’t forget easily what happens now, not simply because of what happens but of how we respond to what has, does and will happen.
Responding creatively to tragedy emphasizes what’s beautiful about humanity and is its own kind of activism. – Ephrat Livni
The base number of 22 is the 4…the ground floor, the cornerstone, the entry point through which new movements are built.  But this is 4 on overdrive.  This is epic, sweeping master building, construction within the context of monumental, life shattering, revelatory times.  We can’t unring the bells that have been chimed.  We can’t forget what we know.  What we’ve seen, can not be unseen.  Events and actions are initiated upon these facts.File Nov 01, 11 08 42 AM

While we’ll all feel the magnitude of the energies of twinned master numbers, in the tumult we must not forget that some of the purest inspiration for events should be directed toward the improvement of the collective.  This is vigor released on a cosmic level to bring more hope, not just for some but for all.

Can such a vibration be corrupted?  Of course.  Anything that passes through humans hands can be.  But there is also an inescapable and unquenched vibratory impulse afoot in each one of us for next level growth.  If there were ever a time to banish latent tendencies for equivocation, it is now. November fuels a broad desire to serve our better angels, it propels an enabling passion to overcome the tragic, the unspeakable, the ever daunting.  Yes, we Are at that point in the wheel now, eyes wide open.
Do not be daunted
By the enormity
Of the world’s grief.
Do justly, now
Love mercy, now
Walk humbly, now.
You are not obligated
 to complete the work,
But neither are you free to abandon it.
-the Talmud
Please, please vote…and participate in loving, enabling and creative acts of kindness, improvement , evolution and growth.

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