October 2018 – Through the glass darkly

October 2018, in which we see our truths.

Whereas September was a total magnification and intensification of the problems and dilemmas endemic to an 11 year, October points to ways in which we move on from this lowest ebb.    To be sure, this is an exceedingly low point (not to say we can’ go lower).  We are made to feel the bottom or near it ; it’s so not pretty.  But there is something very telling when we are made to understand our situation so keenly.  October,  a three month, doesn’t lie.  It both tells us where we are and where we’re going to go.

With the protracted period of distortions that we’ve been subject to, understanding clearly our place in it is perhaps BEST done through this triangulation of where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

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In hard times the stress of the three can make us immodest, cynical, irresponsible even.  We feel there is no recourse…it’s a melodramatic theme that shouts ‘what’s the use in caring’?  It’s easy to get unhinged and skoot away to the superficial, outrunning hopelessness.

A three urges a faithfulness to what’s real, what hits home.  Take what you know and own it, live it, be it.  Don’t deny your principles…embody them.   Wear your truths like a badge of honor, like a beacon on an acknowledgely rough road.

Embracing and giving voice to those war wounds is correct and true.  Authenticity wins, eventually.  Eventually.

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Hang in there.

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