September 2018: Embracing Ambiguity in a time of Tumult

“Sanity tells us to be afraid, but faith whispers that there are no false moves now; however random, even capricious these changes appear to be, they are embedding themselves into our new foundation like stray river rocks and sea glass…”  –April Elliot Kent
Not only does this energy mimic the pulse of the year, it also mirrors the vibration of the current freshman century.  September (as I’ve mentioned before) reflects the season back to us most directly.  And an eleven is a time of penultimate mutability…where we see patterns materialize out of nothing, ideas coalesce around a logical center out of nowhere.  Genius is in the air. Fortune favors the receptive.

Or alternatively if your antenna is warped or down, you can initially be stumped, waiting, with the skills for patience we honed in August for the muse to strike. Either way, it does not matter.  Both states require us to be down with the unknown, stepping into a liminal state, mind and spirit accepting.
That isn’t to say that there won’t be a fair amount of activity on the physical plane…it doesn’t take a esoteric consultant to know that’s gonna happen.


I am wishing, as is the world, that this is a pivotal point for our country.  A collective moment where we recognize our gathering faults entombing us, driving us down into decay…and determine, in toto, that we must decisively arise from the muck..toward a principled cycle of renewal and cooperation of the highest levels.  We need to find our path back to worthiness, generosity, and integrity. Together.  That’s the spirit of an 11 year, the yearning for a merciful revival. Goddess, I hope we get there soon.
Procedamus in pace. (Proceed in peace.)

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