August 2018 – Patience is a Virtue

(Ed. –I’m trying to get this on the site as close to the July 27 Lunar Eclipse as I can .  I had the best of intentions to try and post August’s missive before Mercury turned retrograde on the 26th but, oh well… that just didn’t pan out.  I am officially forgiving myself.) 

Have you ever witnessed a baby’s birth?  It’s not exactly a tranquil affair. Ask any mother.  Birth, in all it’s forms takes work, grit, courage and focus. We’d expect nothing less from such a dramatic, traumatic and world-shifting event. Watching my first delivery rocked my world, and I’ve never been the same after it. August is such an inaugural moment (actually one of many moments) we find ourselves in during 2018.

The numerology of August is a karmic 19/1 month, busting out in the midst of a master 11 year.  It shepherds in a providential, life-altering, birth-level enlightenment.  This high voltage energy forces us to reckon with our impact in the world: Are we here to herald good or the not-so-good, or a little bit of both?  The 19/1 paired with the 11 shoves you out of the shadows and into the implications of your actions.  There is no pretending in the bright glare of August.
Just as we closed a door in July, August pushes us across the threshold into different territory.  We should begin to see patterns of thought and behavior—-our own and others–with greater clarity…and get a sense of future solutions.
But first, let’s get through August, shall we?
IMG_3450_deckroof.JPGThere are no easy answers, but there are strategies.
(Note: I don’t take credit for these strategies…there are many wonderful articles on the internet (these are some of the best things the internet has to give us).  Below are useful steps to take when we feel pushed to be Born.)
  • Acknowledge, once again and out loud, that the times are hard and invest in some serious, effective, and pro-active self-care.
  • Make it your job to find your place of peace and schedule as much time as you can there.  If you only have the space / resources to imagine it, then do that.
  • Try very, very hard to do no harm.  But if you do (19/1 is karmic and also synchronically aligned with the current retrograde Mars in the heavens), apologize and do what you can to fix your mistake(s) as soon as you can.  People (read: everyone) may be loathe to accept your expression(s) of regret, but it’s also your job to persist in righting your own wrong(s).
  • Adopt some version of this 11 universal year mantra: “Patience in the morning, patience at noontime, patience at suppertime”, for this is what required in our incendiary era.  This point can’t be belabored enough (but I will try). We must be the patience we wish to see in the world reflected back to us.
Be as unflaggingly, unendingly, and monumentally self-collected and humane as possible with yourself and with others while still standing in your truth.
  • Selfless acts (as in they-may-never-in-this-life be acknowledged, recognized, noted or attributed to you in any way shape or form)  of kindness are a mitzvah to our distraught world.
  • Remember, like all cycles we experience, we are here to live through such times.  So while acceptance of this moment in history helps, it’s vitally more important to understand why you are here, to realize what your unique contribution (a.k.a. – mission) is and how you can begin or re-commit to this work now.  (Feel free to consult with friends, co-workers, parental / family units, or divinatory / humanistic counselors of your choice.)
Below are a bevy of astrological resources for the month ahead:

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