It’s Time – June 2018

IMG_3225In anticipation of the month of June, I spent a good deal of time reading about how an 8 year is achievement around a goal manifested.  8 shows you, to date, what you’ve wrought and founded your life upon.  During my last 8 Personal Year, I left my job and career with a lot of help from my wife.  I woke up and accepted the fact that I was achieving things in my life that I didn’t want and the road ahead promised more of the same, lots and lots of milestones and incentives for reaching goals that gave me little joy and promised honors of discord.

This month is an 8 month in an 11 (illumination/ wisdom) year.  A month of  days chock full of wonderful or terrible reveals.  Whatever you are working for is highlighted in all it’s glory, for better or worse.  In one particularly wonderful numerological book by Pauline Edwards, The Power of Time, there is a discussion of 8 as a pivot point.  An axis from where you can survey the last 8 clicks of the cycle.  8 energy puts you at a place of culmination , it gives you the most comprehensive grasp of the state of things.  Your assignment, once there is to determine if you’ve been working for what you want or working for what you don’t want.

For the rest of June (and I cop to the fact that there’s less than a half a month left), ask yourself some questions.
1. What do you have?
2. Do you want it?
3. What do you want in the future?
4. Is changing your life right now going to lead you to more of #2 or #3?

These questions should be deep and penetrating, drilling down into the reality of your life at the present moment.  This is not a fanciful what-if exercise, this is a hard look at your state of the nation.IMG_3226
If the ship-of-you is satisfied with how things are going, continue forward.  You have a firm grasp on how to not only grok your own internal symbols –your personal owner’s manual— but you’ve been able to effectively manifest your distinctive experience .  Plan now for the next journeys and peaks.  Continue to dream accurately.

If you find yourself flummoxed at every turn, flabbergasted by the fact that  your life is in deficient, that it gives you insufficient satisfaction or hope or joy…that in fact your life doesn’t make sense , congratulations are also in order!  June is presenting you with an indisputable gift of awareness…you have the power of foresight guiding you toward course correction.  Amending your life, editing it so that you achieve outcomes that are gratifying isn’t easy; neither is coming to terms with the fact that you wasted a lot of time on unworthy goals.
Make use of it or ignore it, dealer’s choice…but every choice (including inaction) has consequences .

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