May 2018 – The Shadowlands

May is a 7 month…so we’re definitely analyzing where we fit in the hierarchy of alliances and associations. Eleven, the overarching year when operating as a Two, sets us aside… gives us lots of opportunities to see, clearly, who and what we are allied with, and to.

Who we will defer to …what we will sacrifice for?  Where do we see where we stand in all our various liaisons …the how, when, where and what of ourselves in respect to the outer world?  We are defined by these choices.

pexels-photo-289367.jpegMay is very, very ying…and to paraphrase John Robert Fowles, in The Magus, in our souls we’ll all ‘see relationships between objects’, some good; some not so good.
But the vicissitudes of life can be like that, and it’s gifts are dispassionate. What matters, in the end, is what we choose to do with the daylighted circumstances revealed to us. What we discern will give us quite a lot to think about come June.

In our minds we see the dark
close to us, the lines aren’t stark.
Hero’s journey, on the path,
within our slipstream, we’ve a raft.

The Moon above us leads the way
to settings where the angels stay.
I go there nightly in my dreams
where all is not how it would seem.

In sunlight brightness, gleam and shine
that’s June’s work met when it’s her time.
But shadowlands are just what’s said.
They’re deep in us, that is their cred.

Peer ever downward to your soul.
Seek questions more than answers whole.
And when May spools to June the 1st
we’ll see what bubbles we have burst.


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