April 2018 – Settling In

Wisdom’s not an easy thing to master.  To truly accept the grace of knowledge, sometimes one must drop everything they know in favor of new paradigms..we have to let go before we can move forward.  April asks us not to dig in but to settle down…to understand that we’re in this for the long haul …and that evolution is anything but an easy walk in the park.


In a March 2018 post on the Mountain Astrologer, Mary Plum talks about the concept of the nodal axis…the theory that each one of us is progressing along a continuum away from something (the past) to something (our futures).  But to do this work, we can’t just go from flashpoint of understanding to flashpoint of understanding (with all due respect to the tesseract in a Wrinkle in Time).  What is required of us is a willingness to leave what we know to go where we weren’t ever planning to go.  In April, a 6 month, we are learning to be down for the quest.
“Indeed, we are a lot more acquainted with the roads we have already walked; yet life requires from us to abandon the safety of known patterns and face development through unknown areas” Source: The Astrocodex 

A six month also helps us understand life in context…we see how we are connected to what astrologer Austin Coppock referred to as ‘all of life, not just how it affects us directly’.  If we settle in, we realize that most things are more complex than an ‘if this, then that’ equation.  (Think Six degrees of separation).

Source: Wikipedia
 With a more relational perspective in hand, April asks that we accept our burden’s and our neighbors in the struggle on life’s path.

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