March 2018 – Unbound

IMG_2689The March winds blow as they often do in the direction of change in 2018. March suggests agitation, a re-jiggering, a jostling. The month of the spring equinox, March advocates motion.
Often when we get stuck, we feel we have to press on in the same dogged way, sticking to our course of action because our feet are absurdly promised to a path set in concrete. When we’re like this, our jaw firmly fixed against the world, we can miss opportunities–nascent and slender– because they aren’t recognizable in our staid worldview.
“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” –William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, ‘A Memorable Fancy’
Recognize that there may be something very useful outside of your natural field of awareness. Allow your consciousness to perceive real room for growth if only you’d pry open your sense of radical understanding for how things actually are. IMG_2688March, a Five month, is not the stuff of dreams or delusions but of high observation.
What haven’t you been paying attention to??? If you keep, grimly, mindlessly, falling into the same series of ruts, start thinking in practical terms outside of your box.
Some things to pay attention to:

It’s a thing- happy and sad. | Not what we expect. | Without an archive, there is no history. | Again, not what we expect:  trash into treasure. | This is what paying attention looks like.

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