February 2018 – Asking for the Moon

First up, a digression:  Austin Kleon, one of my favorite smart people, is not only a writer who draws, he produces a quirky, funny / sad calendar. And as a numerologist, I love, love LOVE calendars (not surprising since this website is literally about measuring the impact of each day.).  A calendar is basic to any sense of keeping track of our days.  I encourage you, if you haven’t gotten a non-virtual calendar for 2018, do so now.  It’s grounding in a year that will feel mighty surreal.


Kleon’s daily diary highlights his 30-day challenge pegged to a calendar which brilliantly echoes the genius of doing something small every day. That sentiment couldn’t be a finer example of the energies of February, a 13/4 month which asks us for the moon, one moonstone at a time.

No doubt about it, 13/4 energy is radical, it is transformation made manifest…but we’re not talking changes overnight…this is about relentless process…the constant movement to sort out… as the Corax Tarot card  13 / Death says… what “we want to keep and what we have to give up”.

File Feb 01, 10 57 41 AMThe firmament of your life won’t change instantaneously, but if you are a whizz at incrementalism, you’ll go after this job until it is done. The changes that the year are calling you to make are substantial; we have a lot of things to accomplish most having to do with emotional adjustment. These shifts in consciousness require constant contact with our goals and the hot emotional center of our beings, hands-on and all in. And though the need is urgent, we don’t need to rush because what stands before us is not going anywhere anytime soon.


“A lunar eclipse is always a full moon and usually marks endings or culmination point.”
-Susan Miller

File Feb 01, 10 58 57 AMFebruary contains the energy of two distinct eclipses, one at the full Moon (January 31, a broody 7 day) which shows us what we want to keep and another at the new Moon (February 15, a 1 day) mid-month, which reveals to us just what needs to be jettisoned. The pattern here again accentuates change at a constant, steady pace. Likely, you feel overwhelmed. Stipulated. Keep going; even a snail eventually traces a path forward.

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