2018 – Adjustment

What's up for 2018?

File Jan 05, 6 33 20 PMA singularly distinguishing characteristic of 2017, a One Universal year — with that landmark US presidential election — was its incongruity. Wildly divergent from the previous Obama years, the global landscape under the newest U.S. administration is a stark break from the past.

2018 — an 11/2 year— ushers in a time when we adjust to the sea changes introduced in 2017.  So 2018, sporting both a master number energy Eleven (11) and a more moderate energy Two (2), at it’s most basic, is about adjustment.  At any point of the year, we can experience or embody the Master Number or the Two energy.  Look for both signatures throughout 2018.

During a Two year, we get high marks for cooperation, receptivity, and coordination. When we make ourselves open to working hand in hand with the world; when we don’t place ourselves at the center of things, we are most effective. The birthing process of that new from last year has exhausted us all. Two years are built-in interludes, divinely designed to give us a breather whether that means reconnecting with friends,  discovering new ways to collaborate with co-workers, or simply stepping back to take stock of our vastly altered landscape.

Master number Eleven years take the idea of adjustment to the next level.  In colloquial terms, Eleven is about “wokeness”.  It’s about being intuitively aware of the need for a major shift in consciousness and going there.  Eleven is the number of mysticism, clairvoyance, and idealism. Eleven expands deep knowledge into recognition, into profound discernment. In fact, Eleven energy can allow us to find ourselves instinctively tapped into the zeitgeist of a situation, subject to flashes of brilliant insight. Eleven energy walks the path, not just to wisdom, but illumination; not just for the self but for humanity. At it’s highest expression, Eleven is living in inspiration, a high threshold, to be sure!

Here’s the thing with master numbers though…they are, quite simply, hard to sustain…because the stakes are higher, the demands greater. A master number vibrates at a more intense, ‘angsty’ rate. It’s a case of more power means more responsibility…and more cra-cra if you focus solely on your own selfish ends. If you screw up and egoistically misuse the very powerful undercurrents of an Eleven (i.e. – misleading or using people), the backlash can be harsh.  There are any number of people in society today who are considered both visionary and creepy (or worse).

File Jan 05, 6 32 46 PMCheck out the kinds of questions that help us correctly frame the universal energies of 2018:

*How can I be supportive of others, aware of their needs, their wants, aware of where there are overlapping interests?

*In what ways can I be more diplomatic and attentive when I approach a situation that looks potentially contentious?

*How can I move from a narrow perspective to a more inclusive worldview?

*How can I thoughtfully manage the transitional nature of life, handling change with equanimity and flexibility?

*How can I refuse to be a doormat and set clear, polite but firm emotional/personal boundaries?

* How can I take responsibility for my own vulnerabilities, moodiness, and temperament In other words, how can I sincerely own my own stuff??!!

Peace and Happy New Year!

1 comment on “2018 – Adjustment

  1. I’m just glad to be out of a one year!!! Oooooweee! That 2017 kicked my butt to the curb!!! I like to think of a two year as my ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ year. I’m not where I want to be but I’m not where I was (aka Hell) and if I stay focused and aware of the intuitive road signs and people I support or who support me I will be okay and get back on track to where I am better suited.

    I love your writing, insight and interpretations. Thank you!


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