December is a 22/4 month, a time for do-er’s.

In December don’t simply tick off the boxes.   Build something better...of substance, of endurance, of joy…for yourself and, for others.

In the winter of 1983, I was something of a drifter. No, not a bum who willingly had no house or home, nor a ne’er do well choosing not to take root.

File Dec 04, 8 51 42 PM

Rather, I was a wanderer within the confines of my life.  I was attending university, in the throes of my first relationship, the principal signatory to my lease, and a part-time job.  All of these attachments, I agreed to deliberately. I signed on the dotted line fully aware of what I was doing.  But, at the end of the day, even though I was “fully engaged”, I was profoundly unhappy, merely going through the motions.  I desperately wanted change…deep change…though not because I wanted freedom. On the contrary…I yearned to set my sights on unconventional goals, greater challenges.  I wanted to mix it all up and rededicate myself to a radically different way of living…to revamp the bedrock of my life.  I didn’t want liberty, I wanted a whole different set of commitments.

Within a year, I had done just that, transforming it top to bottom, re-doing all that was within my grasp.  I recast my dreams, fixing the biggest pieces I had gotten wrong.  I refocused my gaze to new lights, new highs and somewhat to my surprise, I achieved them.
Such is the energy of December 2017, a 22/4 month.  It is a month that, at it’s most basic, is for doers.  It’s a hand at the back for those who want to fix their foundations large and small.
File Dec 04, 8 53 08 PMFundamentally, in December we can approach life and our goals directly.  Now, it’s easier to see how our beginnings have led us to a middle that’s off track, scooting us down some dim, gravely side path, far short of our original expectations.
This month, this energy is there to up-end our fundamentals and reset them as we see fit. Work to firmly anchor (or re-anchor) your dreams through consistent, solid effort.  Above all, we’re meant to work it.


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