November 2017 is a Three Month

File Oct 30, 9 05 55 AM     I  always have a hard time with Three energy, because in typical numerological books, the number three is associated with the Joy of Living.  As such a Three month in a One year might be interpreted to mean that you can make headway on any project that brings you happiness and high spirits.  In practice though, anytime I have a three cross my threshold, the tone is decidedly less bubbly.  The “joy” is typically more esoteric…more correctly a state of enlightenment associated with coming to understand certain truths.  The joy is actually an awareness of reality.  The knowledge that you no longer have to futz around with artifice (though you may choose to).  What’s really going on becomes plain.  You can expand your horizons in a very real way —but it’s too easy to engage with the energy superficially.  Achieving joy is a serious business, and always an inside job.
     Even with missteps, Three energy helps to connect the dots.  It is a fantastic bridge between here and there: the road that runs between the past and the future. A Three year can bring a person from dreary obscurity to well-defined distinction. It can serve to part the waters from ambiguity to clarity/comprehension.  It is a time during which there becomes THERE.
     In her book “Numerology, Astrology & Dreams“, the venerable Dusty Bunker talks about the Three vibration in relation to the triangle “symbolizing a gathering of universal creative energy.”  Three encoded into a triangle is an “accumulator of energy awaiting release.”
     Through these descriptions, we see that Three energy promises a lusty movement toward something new, something better, but it doesn’t promise this unleashing of potential will come without effort and focus.  And as with all numbers, it doesn’t guarantee the result will be good.  Indeed, a signal of excess Three energy can be manic chaos.  The native, in pursuing any number new options spins from one exploit to another, scattershot, ricocheting from potential to potential.  Life can be intoxicating in the moment but in the long-term, fleeting and anorexic.  An even darker marker of Three is lawlessness or anarchy.  It’s a dangerous movement toward reckless impulsivity.
     To use the energies of November, a Three month, positively find the bridge.  Embrace your principles, your faith, and your sense of ‘rightness’.  Get clear how what you accept as your truth impacts others.  Then link this together with action.


     In this One year, your opportunities to launch yourself into a highly creative, communal period are ripe. If you do so with the proper intention it’s possible to achieve measurable, non-frothy / non-toxic levels of self-improvement. And THAT leads to joy.

2 comments on “November 2017 is a Three Month

  1. I love you’re comments about bringing forth change “from obscurity to well defined distinction “. As you say it still requires effort and focus. Game on!


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