Less is more…again.

August Energy:  Nine month in a One Year.

2017-07-31 14.03.36
Get some breathing room
In August, we come to the place I like to call the winnowing, which according to wikipedia is the natural separation and removal of fine material from coarser material. During this month we make the best use of our energies by allowing an organic cleanse do its work in the fullness of time.
Instinctively we know we need it…the ability to loosen the noose of noise and agitation. Electing to cast away the distraction and tumult is a steadying undertaking, though not for the faint of heart!  In our bones we grasp that a body can’t continue to function at full tilt all the time so there is a need for a voluntary culling; an acknowledgment that when we pare down,  our endeavors automagically feel more authentic.  As we aim for a certain focus on purity of effort , we strength ourselves, preparing for what the next season will bring us.
The One year so far
In context, this Nine month, is a very typical evolution in preparation to  move from one term to the next.  It emerges normally from the progress of our current One year. We’re all familiar now with how this past One year has served up new things, new situations and opportunities, novel problems, and unfamiliar scenarios. That is it’s function, it’s the switch-things-up-cycle.  One energy gives us new fuel for the fire, a new vision, a new course, a new plan…and new crises too.  But here’s the thing: every aspect of the plan with its’ attendant thorns cannot be pursued with equal vigor.
2017-07-31 14.04.42
The eclipses will reveal what’s been hiding
And that’s where this month’s Nine energy comes in…having a choice is a grace, a get-of-jail-free card during a time of One.  Indeed September (the fullest face of the One energies) will not be as temperamentally lenient as August.  Believe it or not, when we step into the harvest month (at least for us in the northern hemisphere), a fractiousness of a different tenor and degree will be evident for all to see.  So we’d best gather ourselves now to the task of fashioning life aligned with higher principles, before we’re faced with the consequences of NOT choosing to reform our wayward ways.

And there’s a synchronous Astrological theme here too…
Several high flying astrological events will support this theme of winnowing this month.
Two eclipses, a lunar and a solar bookend the beginning of a period where the planet Mercury goes retrograde .  All three standout phenomena are pivotal in their own right (and more in depth zodiacal explorations can be found here, here, and here).  The point is this…the vibration of the heavens puts us in harmony with the numerological pulse. The astro events conspire to reveal the hidden so:
  1. we can make better choices (in the case of the eclipses), and
  2. can review/ rework / redo the recent past to ensure better outcomes (the retrograde).
As the whipsaw of August energies face us both on the inner and outer realms apply the principle of winnowing as a coping strategy, a battle cry, or a sacred petition.

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