The Thick of It

March is a One month in a Four year. This is laying the foundation on the ground level. You have to dig into the thick of it, go wading into the weeds.

2016-11-09 09.47.48

Like a grain of sand in an ancient timepiece, the discrete cascade of life’s moments builds one fragment upon another. Progress, so highlighted by the energy of a One year places us in a radically different place from last year at the same time. We know full well that now, we can’t go back…we have no choice but to trek forward, thwacking away at our obstacles as we go.

And this is perhaps the most salient bit of advice of a Four universal month. There will be incontrovertible toil ahead…for however you spin events in the world or in your personal corner of the universe, it’s gonna take some elbow grease.

That’s not to say it is guaranteed to be unpleasant, dour, heartbreaking or scary. A Four month in a One year has no say on such things; a Four cannot predict what you’ll be feeling during the month of March, just that the experience of it will be highly effortful…you add the emotional context.

With any potential energy, what’s important is how you handle the new wave of intensities  before you. Whenever you focus closely on the task(s) at hand, you are more effective. Wherever you are more determined to do what needs to be done, you may experience less stress.  Simple directives, but not necessarily easy to carry out.

This month, just past the starting point of our journey, here are some questions to ask yourself depending on what Personal Year (PY) you are simultaneously moving through.

To find your personal year for 2017: Add your birth month and day together.  To this sum add 1.  Take that total and add each digit together, separately. The resulting number is your Personal Year (PY) for 2017.
(birthdate) April 20
(birth month + birth day) 4 + 20 = 24
(add 1 for 2017) 24 +1 = 25
(take the total and add each digit separately) 2+5 =
7 is your PY for 2017

PY1 – In March, your questions match the universal tide, so everything mentioned in the post above applies doubly to you.  Also, how can you redouble your efforts to be constant in your current quests?

PY2 – March is designed to get you moving out of your comfort zone…how might you push yourself beyond your daily habits? How can you be more open minded?

PY3 –  March urges you to concentrate on recuperation. How can you embrace habits that take emphasize daily care of yourself and those you love?  How can you nurture others without breaching your own boundaries?

PY4 – During March you may wish to give yourself a time out.  How can you take a step back from the pace of this year to regroup?  How can you carve out a calm, contemplative retreat, just for you?

PY5 – March focuses your interactions in the world.  Consider where you can be most effective.  How can you realistically achieve a specific and carefully delimited set of goals?

PY6 – March urges you to curtail those habits and customs that stand in the way of re-energizing  your most treasured relationships.  Since you can’t change anyone else, how can you revamp your own relating patterns?

PY7 – March is an uncharacteristically outward facing month for those in a Seven personal year during which you may wish to stand up for your beliefs.  How can you put it into practice what you’ve learned about yourself this year?

PY8 – In March your ability to take a step back from the limelight is emphasized.  How can you support others in their quests?  What strategies can you employ to promote greater cohesion and harmony in your daily life?

PY9 – The winds of March suggest that you seek a lighter touch in your day to day interactions.  How can you stoke up your fires of creativity?  How can you simply have more fun this month?

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