The Price of Admission


Engagement, though necessary is closely intertwined with the need for courage as well. The courage to move forward in synchronicity and rhythm, the foresight to go not at the speed of lightening, powered recklessly by our passions but girded and guided with intention and honor. February is a 12/ 3 month universally and it calls for the assertiveness of the One year paired with the sensitivity of the Two. Now begun, we see a need to address a deficit in the world, we feel creation of new forms (via art, music, poetry, cultural movements, literature, free speech, etc.) is necessary, but going off, half cocked and willy nilly does no one a speck of good. The good comes from inspired, focused creation. The gain grows from compassionate ingenuity and artistry. The joy of living this way is the well-timed pursuit of our principles…the connection to source in full concert and account of our fellow travelers. This expression, in it’s basic form is a desire to make the world a better place not by tearing it down but by building it up, *together*.

This month, just past the starting point of our journey, here are some questions to ask yourself depending on what Personal Year (PY) you are simultaneously moving through.

To find your personal year for 2017: Add your birth month and day together.  To this sum add 1.  Take that total and add each digit together, separately. The resulting number is your Personal Year (PY) for 2017.
(birthdate) April 20
(birth month + birth day) 4 + 20 = 24
(add 1 for 2017) 24 +1 = 25
(take the total and add each digit separately) 2+5 =
7 is your PY for 2017

PY1 – What will it take for me to get to my goal? How is this the perfect time to initiate a push toward the goal of becoming self-directed?

PY2 – What can I do to find ways to build in habits that take me closer to the person I can be? How do I make peace with the person I know myself to be (rather than the person I want to want to be)? How can I do this in concert with others?

PY3 – What can I do to be more flexible in my own life? How do I determine where to move forward and when to hang in there? How do I give myself permission to pursue flights of fancy?

PY4 – What can I do to shore up my confidence, support those that I care about? What steps can I take to be a more responsible father/ son/ mother/ daughter/ friend/ fellow human?

PY5 – What do I need to do to be more even-tempered? How can I actively seek out tranquility and balance?  What activities support my center?

PY6 – What do I need to do to preserve my sense of safety and order? How can I make decisions that will be the most pragmatic, financially?

PY7 – How can I be more compassionate? How do I clear the decks, spiritually, philosophically, mentally so that I can live a more principled and empathetic life?

PY8 – What motivates me to manifest goals and objectives? What inspiration can I draw upon to move forward on my dreams? What thing can I no longer put off?

PY9 – Where can I be of service to others? How can I work collaboratively across divides to achieve joint goals?  How do I become a better listener?

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