It’s Time

As we travel into this unfamiliar territory we get the chance to initiate a new way of being, refined and informed by the wisdom of experience, cleaving to a higher standard, a progression, even if we're feeling completely out of our depth...

2017-01-06-07-17-05The Universal One

The beginning of the year is one of the more stark in recent memory. We are reminded–quite directly–that we are participants in a sentient history. That our times are being written as we live them.

And because I’m a numerologist, one might ask me …since our experience of the times feels so striking…do eras like these prove the theory that are there good numbers and bad numbers? Because this ONE year presages loss for the majority of the people who voted in the last US presidential election, is a One year intrinsically bad?

The upshot is that ‘bad‘ (or perhaps more accurately uncertain) times can happen in any year. The corollary is that ‘good’ (or stable) things can happen in any year too. Unlike the dreary dualism of much of contemporary discourse, real life exists on a continuum, along a trajectory of meaning and significance. So called ‘good’ times, like the lazy trine aspect in astrology, can encourage lassitude; paradoxically inclement times can incite transcendent industry.

This polemic is high-minded for me sitting at home safely in bed in California. But perhaps the more interesting question to ponder as we approach the changing of the US presidential guard is simply how can we be the best vehicle for principled action when it all looks so doubtful?

In a One universal year, what is the best way of proceeding?

The number One, often distressingly, suggests a different path, a restart, an often painful initiation, a rite of passage, an inauguration.  Objects at rest are loathe to move and all that.  Thus, as we travel into this unfamiliar territory we get the chance to initiate a new way of being, refined and informed by the wisdom of experience, cleaving to a higher standard, a progression, even if we’re feeling completely out of our depth.

Take a look at the last one year, 2008, a year in which the US was very much bankrupted, forced to reconcile with it’s excessive past. That epiphanic moment was injurious and evolutionary…but the message was unmistakable: REFORM, change, mend and grow. Some did, some did not because free will, as always, is a thing.

Still…in our personal lives, the adage remains constant through the rhythm of the epicycles. The One points us to the next horizon of improvement, of turning over a refashioned leaf and rallying to our better angels. I believe the call is unmistakable (though some will mistake it as a clarion call for their own selfish purposes): if and when we are made aware of the option to advance the cause of *all* humanity, one should.

January 2017

This could not be more apparent modus operandi than in January, a Two month universally. it is a call to remember are not alone, we walk this path with many even as the desires of the self-indulgent and covetous may try to go big in their favor. Those of us awake on the path need to walk in harmony, in unison with those who are in need…because in a One year, such openings, however hidden are there.

We need to look.


photo credit: C. Courington/ Wyman Studios

1 comment on “It’s Time

  1. Glad you are back! Much to learn from your wisdom that is always in-depth, instructive and up-lifting. A fragrant SAGE.


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