Well, September. I am nothing, if not consistent.

September is a closing door.

It’s a funny thing about the esoteric arts…using these time tested, elegant tools, we are often able to divine quite specific things, quite startling things really.  It’s what got me to step up to take numerology and astrology classes and read an untold number of books and blogs on the divine philosophies.

I wanted to understand who I was, how I ticked in a deep, inside out manner.  More to the point, once I knew the WHAT of me, I wanted to understand the WHY of me too.

Over the years I’ve done chart after chart using lots of different methods, but my story basically is the same give or take a technique or two.  You’d think once anyone understood the underlying scaffolding, then living my life would be easy.  You’d think that once I’d gotten the recipe, cooking the meal would be snap.

Nope.  Cooking, like numerology is an art.

Watch for the way the wind blows in your life

Most followers of esoterica know the following adage…the map is not the territory and that phrase is more important this September than many in memory.  We can chart out the possibilities, but the reality of the situation is another thing altogether.

This is because our charts do not occur in a vacuum.  We are forever bumping into potentials, expressing our personal vibrations within the context  of the universal pulse.  And since 2016 is Nine Year, the Universal Pulse is strong and throbby.  And September is easily the throbbiest month of them all.

September is a Nine Universal month and in my book that energy trumps most others.     The sensational and spectacular become commonplace; events are exaggerated to an almost ridiculous theatricality.  Even if your numbers are no where near a Nine, you feel pulled into the thrall of it all.  And as we are sucked into this communal vortex that simultaneously says, “things are at an end” and “reality is relative”, we lose perspective, we aren’t sure which way to look, we guess at where the sky and the ground might be.

How to make it work

Part of my basic belief system is that we are here to be part of something, there is a meaning to our existence, our presence at this place and this time is key.  As such, our interaction with the collective in any shape or form is part of our path.  It IS part of the stuff of our path.


No matter if you are in your Three year and are looking for things that bring you joy or in your Eight where you are examining in rather deep detail what you have manifested;  whether you find yourself called to jump into the fray of a freedom loving Five year or are dutifully working the steps of a Four year, do make it a point to see where the exits are.  Do a little digging and spy where there is some aspect of your life that seems done, seems ready to be observed from the rear view mirror.

Where are the closing doors?  Where’s the melody resolving?  If you pay attention, the world will show you what’s ready, and where you are ready.

Personal Year Vibrations:

Personal Year 1 – New beginnings are seldom as cut and dried as they seem.  Face it, some scruffy old ways are definitely hanging around, mouldering on the vine.  Rather than get discouraged, incorporate your left over tasks into your new working orders.   And give yourself a break if you haven’t figured it all out yet.  Remember, this is the end of the beginning.

Personal Year 2 – There is definitely the opportunity to be overwhelmed by all the strum und drang of the current climate. Do your best to protect yourself from the commotion, stay patient, observant and above all discerning.  Your steps are most sure and intern successful when you follow your inner counsel.

Personal Year 3 – The urge to let your hair down isn’t completely a bad one, though it’s easy to overdo it.  Take some of that giddy enthusiasm and apply it toward your most favored of passion projects, especially if there are friends involved.  Hang with the thrill of completion rather than planning any new ventures.

Personal Year 4 –  The strain of maintaining your level of effort is beginning to show up in your response to the stresses of daily life.  Putting one foot in front of the other ’til you reach your goals may have been a catchy slogan in January, but now, you are just tuckered out.  Take heart…you are close! Slow down if you have to, but don’t stopnot yet.

Personal Year 5 – Feeling a little rangy? It’s not easy when you are all dressed up with no where to go yet; stuck in a holding pattern on account of sketchy weather.  Your circumstances are down right mercurial and fate is at her most fickle.  But here’s the trick —fortune favors the bold and prepared.  Do your homework and then run out and catch the right wave.

Personal Year 6 – There may have been few times in recent history when your understanding of what you want vis-a-vis what others want has been so clear.  You should have a gut feeling about who you and what you love, what kind of person you want to be with other persons, how you want to relate to other humans and what you need from them.  If you aren’t on this path already, find a trusted someone to help you get there.

Personal Year 7 – If there were ever a time to run away to a cabin in the woods or set sail to a deserted desert isle, this month would be it.  You have an intense need to take a step back from life’s hullabaloo and immerse yourself fully in bubble bath, contemplating the meaning of your life.  Self-imposed solitude is the only way to train keen attention on your goals and dreams.

Personal Year 8 – Now’s the time to firmly grasp where you stand financially, how well you have achieved your career goals and even what your end game for retirement is.  Is your debt load too high?  Are your materialistic impulses out of balance?  Are your projections appropriate to the task? Right now, exactly now, you should be taking care of business.

Personal Year 9 – It’s time.  And you know it.  It’s all been leading to this, pushing forward to this, straining and lurching toward the precipice that is September and you know full well, you have to take your foot off the brake.  There is no waiting until inspiration hits you, it’s Miller Time, the bell is tolling and it’s telling you to walk away, over and out.  You are done, it’s done, kaput, broken down, gotta be put down, at the end.  Because you will never get to second base with your foot on first.



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