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If I am writing here, it must be September.

Approaching Sunset

September, we know you well.

Approaching Sunset
Approaching Sunset

I’m not sure about you out there in blog reader land but fairly consistently, whenever I get to the ninth month in the calendar, I start getting a hankering to write here.  It”s a nine after all, I want to get friendly, I feel the need to be dramatic.

Even better, nine means, let’s put a bow on this thing and be done with it.  Let’s get ready to be ready.

Alright.  With the sunset in my sites, I’m focused finishing.  I’m all about the releasing.

Tomorrow morning I will, somehow, and with great effort, prepare yet another bag of clothes to go out to charity.  My life has shifted such that I no longer need as many clothes to support my lifestyle.  Also, I’ve, ahem, grown out of other things.  As a woman of a certain age, the very thin and svelte part of my life has probably past.  Those size 8 jeans have been part of my past for like 10 years.  Time to pass them on…

I’m still in process when it comes to shredding paper and tossing magazines.  And I lord knows how many pairs of unmatched socks will meet their maker before the 30th.  Mark my words, many tasks lay ahead of me before I sleep.

But I am on the path.

Just wanted to let you know.

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