Where was I? One whole year has come and gone.

Wow…I’m actually going to try to finish an October post. This after not posting for like, forever in web terms.

I could say my silence is a result of being been down and blue because I’m in my personal eight year, the once-every-nine-year time to concentrate on exercising my power.  Instead of celebrating my expertise and authority, I belatedly discovered I put my emphasis on all the wrong things.  I concentrated too strongly on things that have not and have never served my center, though they did provide a living. While earning a living is commendable–vital–I’ve failed to understanding how to apply my talents in the consensus-oriented environment.  Basically, I cared too much about the wrong things and have found the end game empty.

During my previous 8 year in 2005, my dad died and I vowed I would make something better of my life.  I promised myself to commit to something that mattered.  I was reminded how short life was…and how I respected how my Dad rose to the challenge during his lifetime.  I wanted to follow his path…but didn’t work out that way.  Nice try but no cigar.  Time to start again.

Dear reader as you approach October, a Universal 8 Month in a Universal 7 Year, flush from the insights and full of the revealed mysteries of the past 9 months, I caution you to PAY ATTENTION.  Don’t let the lights blind you, try not to forget where you’ve been.    As I’ve mentioned before, divination of any kind is about TIMING.  So take your new level of discernment and apply it carefully to the more public, exposed and for some corporate year.  And even as people and events around you brandish symbols of power with great bravado and authority filling your head with “shoulds”, know that your own, home-grown authority never left the building.  It lies within.

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