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There’s no excuse…

photo of the dog and cat
We’re waiting

There really is no excuse in the world that I can use to justify not writing (although I am deep in the bowls of my hermity Seven Year…I just recently came up for air). Some of you, like my cat and dog in the picture, have been waiting patiently for me to write July’s column and then grew ever more despondent when it became rather apparent that August was a no go too.

All I can say is that life intervened…and that I’m back. I can say that the current month Universally has been heavily focused on family and clan…no surprise there…if you have kids, you’re getting them ready to go back to school in the US anyway. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re getting ready to wrap up our family vacations to prepare for the fall.

And if it’s not blood relatives, there may be something that you’ve been frenetically involved in that features emotionally supporting a whole lot of folk.  One way or the other, everyone may be a little bit strung out on too much togetherness.  Phew!

Coming into the last week in August, it’s a bittersweet time, standing on the threshold between seasons, wherever you are…looking back and looking forward simultaneously. It’s a little dizzying so watch your step as we shift into the new seasonal energy in September.

I’m planning a full fledged post but here’s a preview…September is when the plot finally thickens…where whatever we are here to learn in 2013 becomes brightly apparent. It’s the month where we personify the numerological energy of all of our concentric cycles. It’s where the rubber meets the road and meaning pulses forth. Quite a lot to chew on.

See you soon.

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