June’s cycle of connectedness.

June 2013

Here’s the thing…we all are in a cycle of connectedness, a cycle of feeling that whatever we do, good bad or indifferent, our thoughts and actions have wings.  That’s just one of the themes of a six year.  And one that highlights the prominent energy of the month of June.

June’s energy , a three, moves our sense or sensibility of connectedness into the realm of authenticity.  To wit:  You feel moved to help others but in ways that are organic to your character, to the integrity of your being rather than giving at any cost.

Take the experience of the many countries in the world and the structure of their alliances. The globe is populated with many deep treaties and memorandums of understanding.  In each, there’s always some sort of clause that in one way or another describes the kinds of things one country can and will do for another. How each will come to the other’s aide, how they will support them in times of need and perhaps more importantly, how a time of need is defined.

I posit that these issues are the province of the 3 Universal Month and the 6 Personal Year…a case of authentically meeting our obligations and our relationships.  Because if we can’t meet those two objectives somewhat simultaneously, conflict will ensue.

To find out how your personal year intersects with the Universal themes, check out these synopses below. (Don’t know your personal year?  Check out this site to determine it) .

If you know your core numbers, read those descriptions too.

Personal Year 1: Authentic behavior couldn’t be higher on your agenda this year.  As you are in the beginning of your epicycle, you know full  well  that no one can address your concerns more meticulously than you.  Above all, choose wisely.  Don’t shy away from the mantle of responsibility but make sure you understand all your options and carefully map out your strategy…poor planning could leave you without the ability to have the widest range of choices in meeting your goals.  June gives you the best shot at stacking the deck in your favor.

Personal Year 2: Relations dominate the scene in June but in a way that is less personal.  Stewardship of resources, including financial assets dominate your affairs.  You may feel pressed into service in a way that is more public than the past few months, but no worries.   Even as you step up from behind the shadows, you know your mission is for the many rather than the one.  Move forward knowing that your efforts to lead are carefully tied to your overall sense of duty to the collective.

Personal Year 3: When the Personal Year matches the month, there is a twinning of energies, elevating the generally less intense monthly vibration.  You may find that what you want and need does not always dove tail conveniently with what others wish from you…indeed, you “get” that there will be times this month where you shove your priorities at the forefront.  While this will create a certain dissonance (depending on your core numbers, this could be a little or a lot) it’s important to take note of where the clash exists.  You may find this is the perfect month to deal with that long standing conflict once and for all.

Personal Year 4: Allow me to the following reductive argument in the service of breaking down the energy of June.  In every group there are doers–those whose job it is to get the ball rolling.  In June, you play the role of doer, in doing, you can shine.  It is  where you can take hold of the reigns for a brief 30 days and make the metaphorical trains run on time.  This is your authentic work of the month, to crack the whip, to set the cornerstone, to make things happen. Without you as captain, caller and boss, stuff just won’t get done.

Personal Year 5: June can’t be accurately described in any other way than calling it a see-saw for your sympathies and tastes will vary wildly.  Your heart is the culprit, as it’s serving many masters…you find the plight of those less fortunate affecting and yet you yearn for personal freedom.  Like an empathetic tuning fork, the woes and cares of life’s companions are not for a second lost on you.  But you feel the irrepressible demands of your soul calling you to loose the bounds of limiting circumstances, people and events.  To the extent that you can suppress one urge to address a competing urge, you are successful.  Perhaps the best advice is to react to each situation on its own merits, finding your comfort level in the moment and taking immediate action.

Personal Year 6: In June, where the Personal Year matches the current year AND the current month there is a dynamic doubling of energies compounding the need to elegantly combine the two headed hydra of obligation and integrity.  It isn’t enough that you meet your responsibilities ably, you must do it gracefully (and in heels).  Likewise, there can be no misstep when it comes to your own moral motivations, they must be impeccably adhered to.  This is a narrow but necessary road.  With craftsman like diligence, your efforts in June should exemplify your commitment to both your inner needs and the outer world.

Personal Year 7: The needs of the many weigh heavily upon you in June, though at the start of the month, they feel more like a distraction.  Don’t misunderstand me,  I agree with you the issues at hand are significant; the goals and responsibilities waiting to be addressed are pressing indeed.  But before you can be effective, you must withdraw and map out your strategy.  It will be difficult to take action until you have analyzed the problem thoroughly, understood the ramifications of your actions completely and taken note of your role and the roles of others.  Your involvement is crucial; the times and your sense of ‘right action’ will demand action, eventually.  But know up front, the critical thinking must be done FIRST.

Personal Year 8: I hope you feel the momentum of June upon you, for it is time for action!  You likely have your roster of activities and goals.  Your most authentic self knows the mission, the goals and the plan.  Now’s the time to put things in motion, not as a worker bee, but as a combination of mentor and cheerleader.  Find your captains and lieutenants; you will come to depend heavily on them as you may not have it in you to operate in the trenches.  Hand to hand contact may likely frustrate your forward motion.  Try to stay above the fray, well aware of the  end game and your important role in achieving concrete, practical gains for all.

Personal Year 9: For you, June stands halfway through a nine year with an eye on the windup of the epicycle.  At no time since the beginning of this year have your responsibilities…the obligations you’ve ’willingly’ embraced over the last 9 years…been so starkly apparent.   As you do the necessary inventory, think about–quite starkly–what agreements, which people and what places you’d like to divest yourself of.   This isn’t flippancy; you’ll likely feel heavy with guilt even considering the possibility.  Still.  Some items on your ‘duty and responsibility roster’  need to go and you’d be solidly in your integrity to bid them a fair but firm good bye.

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