Sep-tem-ber 2012

September spells CHANGE with a capital C.

As with all months, the universal emphasis is tempered by the personal year
energies, but the underlying thrust is detectable throughout. Even as I
write these words, the world as we know it is shifting . And as I’ve
mentioned before, September’s energies are typically the strongest and most
intense of the year.

September 2012 is universally a five month in a five year, a time when we
are forced to deal with the unexpected, the unplanned and inevitably, the
uncalled for. No matter what your particular affiliations or
predilections, five energy is an unabashed cheerleader for the concept of
flexibility…five offers us ample opportunities to be adaptable, to move
with the times by igniting our curiosity and inquisitiveness. When five
comes a callin’, it’s hard to stay inside…the urge to react to whatever
is happening in our environment is very strong.

It’s not so difficult to see the excesses that could be associated with
five…the lack of consistency or discipline being primary along with a
distinct desire to try anything no matter what the consequences. Likewise,
caught in the thrall of change making, we can be too zealous about the
status quo. Hypercriticality is an excess as well…damaging the process
with a lack of adequate forethought or appropriate analysis.

The skill used to discern when to stick with the tried and true and when to fold separates the old souls from the newish ones. However, no matter where you stand on that continuum …and no matter what year you are personally in, September is likely to teach you something about how you individually respond to the clarion call of change.

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