May Days..again

One of the benefits of monitoring your life via a divinatory system like numerology or astrology is that you learn how to see patterns and spot trends. These ‘Ology’s point out the places where you’ve worn through the carpet, tripped over the same bump in the road, or generally taken a wrong turn.

Destructive or even merely irritatingly familiar habits plague us in this life (well at least they do in my life!) and they contribute to our overall levels of fatigue and lifetime ennui.

We do the stuff that never works in response to circumstances that will never change…until we don’t.

So whenever I’m back on the new age wagon, I can see where I’ve been doing the same old thing over and over again. I can see where I’ve, predictively, screwed up. And I can see that my lack of self discipline and self knowledge after a lifetime of trying to enlighten myself is boring. Very, Very boring.

On a good day I know this is just a symptom of being a human.

On a bad day, I am unerringly certain I am the most awful, most selfish and useless person on the planet. Of course, this see-saw signature is in and of itself a total PATTERN, and a bad one at that.


Lately, since I’ve embarked on my six year and I want to be more proactive and responsible in the way I react to life, I’ve taken up the get back to basics tack. It’s a strategy borne out of desperation, frankly and it goes something like this: “Elisabeth, remember one thing no matter what happens. You are human and you try to do the best you can.”

Sophomoric and simplistic? Yes. But in order to keep this kernel of knowledge undiluted and intact in my personal bios (A set of instructions in firmware that control input and output operations), I have to keep my messages plain.

Here’s how I think my brain will unpack this unadorned message:

  • I’m human, aka fallible, aka an animal driven by animalistic motivations. Humans screw up a LOT. But humans also get to correct their mistakes (something to do with those opposable thumbs and free will) . Ergo, being human, means screwing up AND making corrections. That is the base code for the species.
  • I try to do the best I can…to the best of my ability. So, on a day where I’ve gotten enough sleep and fluids, on a day that is not just before, during or just after my period, on a day where my hair resembles something less than a birds nest, (or even better on a day where I can avoid mirrors and people all together) and in a moment where I’m not hungry or wishing to use food as a coping mechanism or haven’t yet had to squeeze into my jeans, I can function at my complete best! At all other times, I do the best I can. Full stop.

May is a One universal month in a Five universal year. I encourage you to try to creatively address those deep-seated habits through trial and error. The law of statistics isn’t wrong. Throw enough solutions to a problem against the wall and something is bound to stick.

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