The desire to do something big with one’s life is normal, human, a mortal imperative given our very short, quick lives.  The problem is we often don’t know what that “thing” is.

This is where Numerology can help, not in the sense of solving all your dilemmas, satisfying all your desires and fixing things for all time.  Numerology is not the ultimate answer to everything…but it can be very effective…like Google Maps.  Just like the virtual maps that we use to figure out how to get to our massage therapists house–the map–which does not exist in the real, 3-D sense of existing, points us in the right direction.  It gives us good solid info about our journey, suggests a potential path or two (which we can change if we choose–if you want to get to point A by first circling around point B, the map will very willingly show you how to do that!) and visually and optimistically demonstrates how we can finally arrive at our destination—a vital feature of any map.

Hands down the best core number for this life mapping is the Life Path Number (also known as the Destiny Number in some circles).  It’s so useful because it is derived from the thing that defines us most completely and essentially: our birth dates.  The Life Path is intimately connected to our cycles, the waxing and waning of our daily lives, our opportunities for success and  potential difficulties and obstacles we’ll meet along the way.

Journeys are not typically uneventful and neither is life.  But as many occultists,  cartographers , and Google  know , a map is a universal medium for communication.  A means by which we begin to understand our world.

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