Sept/Oct 2011

Where are we?

October, is the tip of the spear…it’s where we’re to go next… how we
bridge our frightlfully single-minded month of September (and yes this is
the same for ALL destiny times).

I’ve written about this before…October the warrior, the trailblazer, the
harbinger of things to come. Like September this part of the year is
fairly uniform for all numbers. While September was the concentration of
this year’s personal year’s energies, October is the distillation of next
year’s themes. What is required to get along? Pay attention. While other
months require a complex set of acrobatics or emotional or mental
gymnastics, October sets the stage. Let’s face it…one of the main
reasons we turn to the study of the divinitory arts is to get a heads up on
what’s around the corner. October is the absolutely best time to do this
each year. So if you want to see where you’re going and where you’ve come
from, make a study of how the latter part of September fits into October.

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