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An introduction

Close readers of this blog may have noted that my name has changed on this blog. Initially it was Lisa, then Lisa Ann, now Elisabeth. First off it isn’t that I have lost my mind and keep remembering new names. What is happening is that I am in the process of choosing who I want to be.

In most dinvinitory practices, finding the essence of who you are is one of the main purposes for the practice in the first place. Ostensibly, finding the core of your being helps you then move into your power and into the role you wish to play this lifetime.

For as long as I can remember, my name never seemed to fit that role.Numerologica is a '7'

This doesn’t mean that my parents chose poorly and put the wrong name for my birth certificate. On the contrary, my original name helped give me a good start in life…it provided me with the qualities of stability and tenacity. It made me a down to earth gal with a sense of humor which I hope I never lose. It also infected me with a certain restlessness…the kind of restlessness that lead me to start the Numerologica site and countless other endeavors.

The name that graces this site now…Elisabeth Courington, is one I chose…it is how I see myself and I claim it fully. To change your first and last name, especially at the threshold to 50 isn’t an easy thing. Not only does not everyone understand it, many do not like it. Naming is a way to understand the world, and locking down meaning with a consistent name helps us make sense of our world’s elements. Changing one’s name outside of the conventional rituals of marriage appears to many people as an exercise in vanity…but metaphysically any such shift, whenever we deem it necessary is legitimate… anytime we claim a new moniker (and I did change my last name when I got married), it is a outward expression of an inward impulse to be more essentially ourselves.

For me, I arrived on the planet to individuate and that’s what this name allows me to do. Honor my soul. Express myself fully and without reserve. So welcome everyone, I’m Elisabeth Courington and I’m glad to meet you.

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