May Day

We often strain for change but when it comes, the impact of transformation can be surprisingly disorienting.  The kinds of upheavals recently experienced on this terrestrial-sphere-in-space is without question deep and legacy making.  Just minutes ago in fact while I was writing this the death of Osama bin Laden at the hands of American Special Forces was announced.  It portends yet another shift in global affairs and the world wide balance.  Whether through human efforts or borne of Natures impartial will, we are clearly not in a time of stasis.  The fates are in the move.

May, universally,is a nine month in a four year.  It is the like soldier
weary from a battle moving forward to continue with the war or a mother,
exhausted from labor pains, rallying for yet another round of birthing
pushes.  You get the idea…we’re all figuratively shaking from fatigue–
we’ve expended a considerable amount of energy to just get ourselves to
this point in time but this particular race isn’t over…we’re not even
close to the finish line.

So what’s the best way to handle this energy?*

For those in a one year:
Point yourself in the direction of your home and hearth…toward issues
that have to do with family, safety, care-taking.  Try to forge new and more
sturdy connections that support you and those you care about without
completely merging.  Strive for the balanced intake and outtake of

For those in a two year:
Proceed forward quietly, with dignity and resolve. Try to preserve a mood of calm certainty as you move through this time. Be guided by an inner light, the gleam of your internal north star. The tumult will fall away if you navigate from the interior of your soul.

For those in a three year:
It’s easy for the lighthearted character of a three year to get squelched
if you think your opinions aren’t worthy (they are).  Without devolving
into Pollyannna-land, understand that seeing clearly and truthfully need
not be a prescription for mandatory despair.  Count your blessings and be a
force for positive good where you can be.

For those in a four year:
Resonate with the universal vibration and keep moving.  As you push
forward, notice what you drag along with you.  This is a perfect time to
electively shed undue burdens cast on you by others or by your own hand.
You’ll move faster and more efficiently if you lighten your load.

For those in a five year:
Take action.  In fact, I’m surprised you even stopped to read this, because
chances are you’ve already taken action or are seriously down the road, knee-deep in adventure. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t sit still (be alarmed if you can).  You are in the process of experiencing life in a way that will change you (for the good).

For those in a six year:
Six years often reflect the affairs of an astrological 6th house. Similarities include the day-to-day attendance to obligations and responsibilities. In a six year we play the caretaker, the custodian, and
the protector.  Don’t be surprised if you are thrust into yet another role requiring your personal and intuitive touch. To stay in step with the lesson, graciously accept the call to service when it comes.

For those in a seven year:
In what should be an insular year, you may find yourself unaccountably involved in supportive activities.  If done right, you shouldn’t be overrun with someone else’s emotional luggage.  Rather you may feel spontaneously drawn to come to the aid of someone outside your regular circle contacts. Despite your good intentions, draw up and abide by some straightforward boundaries.

For those in an eight year:
The planning stages are over…it’s time to take immediate and direct action. In an eight year, you may be used to giving directions. This month though will require your hands on involvement in almost every stage of any undertaking. You are the secret sauce…if you want things to get done, you’ll have to be the change agent.

For those in a nine year:
Rush out to meet life and her challenges with the exuberance of an untamed puppy. Your choices now threaten to outnumber the physical constraints of time and space…it’s nerve racking how much there is to be done, how much you want to get done all in the same time-space continuum. Make a fast start and keep going as long as your stamina will allow.

*If you need to determine what your personal year is, check this link out for information.

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