Happy New Year!

2011 is here after a tumultuous and frankly difficult 2010.
I don’t know about you but I’m tired, worn out from the rush and
tumble of the holidays and the previous 12 months, which was my 4
year (focus, work).

Ideally, I’d now like a vacation to recuperate
from all that activity but as with most years, life mostly doesn’t
slow down according to our whims. If we’re lucky, it continues to
trundle along and we make decisions about how act and react to it.

So what’s on deck?

2011 is, like the year I just said adieu to, a
four year–and in the most basic sense, that means it’s about hard
work. The saving grace here though is that this isn’t work for work
sake. This is labor…focused effort in the service of shoring up
lives. There is great power in setting oneself on the path of
accomplishment. We commit to a goal, take stock of the obstacles,
the effort, our own capabilities.

And once this assessment is complete, we begin, we take action. We do the work. Intension paired with action, this is the key combination for success in this
new universal year, this new decade.

Year predictions will follow in the coming weeks but for now, I urge everyone to rise to the
challenge presented by 2011. We build a foundation for the future step-by-step.

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