This paragraph is all about me
There are some days when you know…you just want something MORE. There are days, like this one where you’re deep into the longest recession in US history, where your segment of the industry is dying, where you’re not yet old enough to retire, where the work is so slow that you have a hard time working up any enthusiasm…days like these you simply get tired of waiting for something to change.

When there is no appreciable payoff trigger in the foreground or the background, but you have to continue on, it wears on your soul.

No going back, not for me or you
Right now, there is no going back. Moving forward is the only option and yet it is an unambiguously unappealing one. For all the so called higher rational intelligence of humans, when there is no carrot or stick to urge us toward a goal, we simply stop, weighed down by the inertial forces of the blahs. It’s experiential fatigue.

Dear Readers, this is where I and others in a 4 personal year and 6 personal month are (other years that may experiencing some turbulence? My best wishes for humans in a 2 or an 8 personal year) . Those of you that can relate know who you are…walking tardily to the beat of no drum at all, without any assurances that our efforts will make a lick of difference. Yet there is that obligation that we continue forward. Meh.

For example, I had November’s scope in the can but it disappeared on me around October 31st (which is incidentally why my work flow will include saving my columns in the cloud and two separate forms of media from now on.). And I have been completely remiss in composing a replacement up to now.

Alright. Here’s the remedy, me owning up to my responsibilities, done with the knowledge that I write these words while sacrificing my poor little NaNoWriMo novel:

The Universal Forecast
Universally, November speaks to freedom, to shaking of shackles and becoming the leaner and meaner version of ourselves. For those who are interested, it’s a FIVE month and that means liberation in every sense of the word. We are meant to loosen our ties and emancipate ourselves from burdens. We are called toward the goal of release. Why? It’s not hard to fathom. Life tends to build up on us, the layers of patina, so pretty and green at first start obstructing our view, making the business of living harder, less flexible. Daily life encumbers our ability to be available to it’s wonders.

Make Ready
Also…we are preparing for a very demanding year ahead and like a delicate instrument that must be free of any minute particles of dirt before a tricky procedure, we must be as unencumbered as possible by obstacles during the coming 12 months. Universally, the 5 comes along to help us literally peel away the dentritis.

It’s a Major Procedure
Sure this debridement can be mighty painful. Removal of any dead tissue tends to be major surgery. But without the procedure, we can’t heal. Until we shed the obsolete appendages, ironically, we can’t become fully whole. Follow your best good and make ready NOW…

Find Your Wave
So. If you are lucky enough be able to ride the wave of the universal year –and most numbers can find applications for this vibe in some fashion– even those in a more task masterish year, jump into it. Like for example, I’m using the discipline from my 4 year to lose more weight (i.e. – shedding) . And I am getting healthier. Back ‘atcha ennui.

Be well. And I’ll see you all next month, hopefully on time.

And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S.

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