So we made it through September, that crucible like month. September of any year is a distillation of influences…a poster child for our annual lesson. Moving forward from the concentrated, undiluted nature of September, we move briskly to October, a different animal all together. October is our signpost of what is to come.

As a rule in numerology, there are very few months that give most people the same across-the-board template. Though the universal vibration is always in effect, its impact differs from person to person depending on individual energies and vibrations. As such, one person’s bliss is another’s torture, cyclonic times for one somebody may not have any appreciable affect on another. Not so in September and October.

We’ve already gotten what that means in September. October’s unique role then is to give us a peek into 2011.

Some basic numerology for those who care, for the rest of you who just want the essential what is useful, skip to the bottom.

October is a one month. So, in the mathematics of spirituality, the month number is always added to the personal year number. Irreducibly, the sum always equals what our next year’s focus will be, no matter when you were born, what your current personal year or what your name.

October is our pre-season, during which we get to actively prepare for our upcoming year. Like atheletes we will be given opportunities to particiapate in intensive training exercises. We’ll be privy to some of the highlights of the year ahead, and have all sorts of opportunities to operate with training wheels. This is a time for experimentation and testing, largely without the consequences that accompany the vibrations in the full blown year. Both our talents and shortcomings are highlighted to great effect during October.

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