The Trifecta – May, June and July

I wish I were more diligent about giving you the 411 on the months as they arrive. I’m in a 4 year which means I should pay more direct attention to my self imposed schedule.  But unfortunately on the roster of tasks that I have to accomplish, it’s been hard for me to keep this particular commitment.  So I owe anyone who reads this a type of gift, a present of fealty to show that yes, I do appreciate you and I think you’re wonderful.

So here are my gifts:
I’ll do a free reading for the next 3 people who contact me.  You have until June 30th to contact me at numerologica ‘at’ comcast ‘dot’ net.

Ok…here is another gift.  The May reading for those who like looking back:

May universally was in deep karma this year, a noisy turning of the wheel of fortune, a great deal of tangoing with destiny. May’s Eight meant we met our fate, but not an abstract sort of random fate.  It’s the kismet we’ve made for ourselves.  May vibed on the wages of our actions– sins and moving acts of altruism all wrapped up together into one big toosie roll.   As you rode the waves of action  and reaction did you notice what was working?  Do more of that.  What goings-on devolved into poop?  Well, you get the idea.

Third gift: June’s universal reading, two weeks late.

Where last month’s message was ‘deal with the hand you’ve dealt yourself’, this month is all about fishing or cutting bait.  You are an expert when it comes to you.  There is no one more proficient in your
own inner workings.  So you know what isn’t viable.

June is graduation month for what no longer needs to remain in your life.  Tell all the teenage slacker seniors hanging around in your root cellar that you love them (because the little dysfunctional suckers ARE YOU) but they need to move out.  More to the point, you need to be rid of THEM.  The YOU remaining after all these clusters of bad habits, deadening relationships and tired belief systems have been vanquished should be squeaky clean and receptive.

Be ready for the next door to open, the subsequent chapter to be scripted.  You’re bringing yourself along to far flung destinations, no need to truck your aged and dirty laundry with you (besides, those unfortunate pants don’t fit you right anymore) .  Travel lightly and move along toward the exit.

And here is the forth gift: July’s universal reading, early (!!)

Alot of what has been happening in the last few months has simply been the Mise en place, the readying, if you will.  Winowing, cutting, cleaning, de-gunking, there are a vast catch of names and aliases, but mainly it’s all about the set up and preparation.  Any professional worth their salt knows that preparation is half the battle, in fact much of the battle happens in the period before.

May and June were before.  In July, we enter the big show, a very muscular, active period.  Sallie Nichols has a crystaline quote in her book Jung and Tarot , An Archtypal Journey by Belgium alchemist and philosopher Gerhard Dorn that gets at the sense of this: “Out of other things thou wilt never make the One – until thou has first become One thyself“.

This is the crux of it.  July, a One Month, is where you transform your terribly mortal and human self into what you are to be next.  What you will be until you are not.

Call it a personal journey toward individuation, the next round in life’s constant interplay between ego and self – the dawning of awareness, whatever.  Any way you slice it, this is ground zero for conscious living–this is life on the red pill offered to Neo by Morpheus.

And apart from what numerology has to say on the subject, a pair of fairly potent eclipses straddle the latter part of June and the beginning of July too.  And a twinned eclipse sequence, like a One Universal Month sitting the middle of a truth (Three) year,  pulls no punches.

Wake up!  And get to work.  When you look back on this period, those of you paying attention will clearly see a point of origin.

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