I was born in Queens New York in the early 60’s, a time of great tumult and change, to young, angry, and confused parents, one of them an immigrant, just this side of legal. New Yorkers, though resilient, expect the worst. They lock the door against real or imagined evil, knock on wood as extra protection, hold tight to their existential wallets lest destiny try to pick their pockets. It’s my birthright to be pessimistic…and it’s always been hard for me to see anything as an unqualified success.

Yesterday, the infamous, fractious health care reform bill was passed in the U.S.—a miracle if there ever was one. And instead of being happy…in the moment, I furrowed my brow anticipating the storms that will (and this is not just the doubter in me) rage over its birth. I could not even for a minute let myself allow that this was a seminal point in the history of this country.

Such disturbances were one of the reasons why I took up with Numerology in the first place, to help me develop a more balanced reaction to life’s vicissitudes. Skeptic or not, I am all too aware that access to health care was something that every other western developed country has and we should have too.   And as a person with a pre-existing condition, I acknowledge that without this bold action, in future I could become a statistical victim, left to fend for myself without a health safety net.

So how does Numerology of all things help me deal? March 21, 2010 was a universal 9 day, in a universal 6 month in a 3 year. Translation: a 3  year in which truth was very, very important. A 6 month is one in which care-taking and protection is paramount and a 9 day is one in which heinous obstacles on emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels can be banished.  It was right and correct that the momentous health care reform act, as flawed as it was, passed yesterday.

Now that this stunningly humane milestone has been reached and past, now that this straw man of denial has been torn down, the wages of such an action will come into play. Realistically, there will be waves of backlash and recoil. Rationally, this enactment will cause us problems–unhoped for heartache– that will have to be overcome. This is life, the type of evolutionary life we’re typically not practiced in dealing with on such a grand scale. Modern “first world” people often come to expect only small yet incremental symbolic change. Literal change can take our breath away.

No matter. The compassionate, propriety of health care reform cannot be denied. Doing the right thing cannot be denied, no matter how difficult, no matter how problematic. And that is my birthright too.

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