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4 with a 5

I’ve been trying for the last week to get into this novel I’ve been reading but I’ve haven’t been able to get a toe hold since before the holidays. Plus my aforementioned fortress in the making isn’t even near finished yet so I have limited access to my books and clothes.  It’s the equivalent of living out of a small suitcase.

Moreover, I’ve put off my full scale exercise regimen at the gym, instead opting for walking up stairs in lieu of the elevator and using my home equipment; I’ve stopped pursuing my cookery hobby and have neglected to find a suitable hairstylist to tame my considerable head of hair.

What’s going on, you might say? Why am I putting off so much of life?

Actually, I’m doing the exact  opposite…I’m just hyperfocusing on other items…to ensure that the really important stuff gets done!

I’m not reading because I’m trying to spend more time with my wife and animals. I’m trying to focus on participating on household tasks, looking to take care of the millions of little things that “just got done” while I was paying attention to my concerns.  For the time being I’ve underemphasized cooking in favor of smart, lo-cal meals so that my health improves and my weight reduces.  And speaking of reduction, while my fortress building is on hiatus I’m busy packaging up old clothes, books and furniture for donation to good causes.

Do you see where I’m going here?

I may have mentioned before that I’m in a four  year…but I’m in a five month. That translates into busy, hyperfocus on the fundamentals in my life, getting them shored up before I tackle the larger themes.  Often our lifestyles become so full, we lose sight our essence, the very bedrock which makes everything else possible.  We take for granted the things that are at our core…and this can be done for a while…but when we continue it as a practice, it is at our own peril.

Sure I could try to do everything I’ve put off this month…five energy can easily veer into frenzy.  But instead, I’ve chosen to throw myself into the reinvention of essential elements of my being…to renewed efforts at revitalizing what makes my life work.

True, my life may not look tidy or very pretty right now (I really do need to find a hairdresser!) but my fundamentals are starting to look a mite better.  I just need to stick with it, making slow but steady progress, every day.

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