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Tasks for the beginning of a Four year

This year is a foundation building one for me and I’ve begun several projects to that end.  First, with my sister and partner’s help I’ve created an office within an office (pictures to come later).  Basically, they created two bookcases and framed in a little space in what was our guest room (sorry guests!).  The idea of creating a small, customizable space with lots of storage, well, that warms the cockles of my little heart.  It’s a completely defensible creative fortress in the making.

Along with that I’m getting serious about my home computer setup.  Yesterday the fine folks at Comcast came and fixed our home network so that our ITouch devices finally work faster than a snail’s pace (thank you Comcast!!).  Even my MacBook Leopard  (soon to be Snow Leopard) works better, which completely justifies my purchasing it.  And after some abortive attempts a number of years ago, I’m going to finally set up a formal backup system too.  But I couldn’t bear to use just use anything, I had to research it (a very commendable thing in a 4 year.).  I think I’ve finally settled on SuperDuper! .

This isn’t just busy work…it’s the preparation that needs to happen in order to achieve my goals.  In any 4 year, work done in service to shoring up the substructure is essential.  Computer stuff, when it works is the fun stuff.  Finishing my bookcases?  Well, that’s another story…

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