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Regaining balance

I’m up early this morning…as early as I would be if I were going to work (but graciously this is a holiday, Thanks Martin Luther).  So far this year has progressed along a rather bumpy path…I’ve been sick more often than well and I haven’t created enough concrete goals to feel settled about where I want the next 12 months to take me,  Life is often like that…running ahead of us as we struggle to catch up.

Not surprisingly, this is my five month…a greyhound if there ever was, speeding forward when I would rather rest up in anticipation of the next steps. But circumstances aren’t going to adapt to MY nature, it’s more of the other way around so I’d best get on with what I’m doing or what I’m going to do, sick or not , holiday or not: I’ve a runaway month on  my hands and it’s up to me to tame it.

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