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The end of my 3 year or why I was having too much fun to blog regularly

Actually that title is misleading, I wasn’t having too much fun, I was simply pursuing everything that appeared fun. It was an experiment in doing exactly what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it (hey they don’t call a 3 year the “Joy of Living” year for nothing!)

But as sure as summer follows fall which follows winter, this giddy year is now drawing to a close with the promise of the sturdy, steady work of a four year.

A four year is for serious foundation building. Foursquare and forthright, this year gives you the muscle and might to wrest something into being. Contrary to what many see as drudgery, it’s very creative in a literal sense because the work is fundamental to the establishment of any undertaking. It’s like the heavy lifting a mother’s body does in babymaking. It’s taxing, bulky, uncomfortable almost to the point of being excruciating, but the end product is in fact itself an origination. If you do the job put before you in a 4 year, the changes when positively directed, are for the great.

For today’s last word on a four, I leave you with a quote from Leonard R. N. Ashley’s absorbing work The Complete Book of Numerology:

Serious study and conscientious labour are superior to all attacks; and the first blessings which they procure, for those who can appreciate them are profound peace and universal benevolence.

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