Life “is”

In the words of astro-sage Ralfee Finn, when viewed from an esoteric angle, our current universal cycle is cyclical, meaning we’ve all been here before and cosmically speaking it’s a teaching point.

Not that I’m saying that when terrible things happen to good people that they deserve them because they need the lesson.  No. I am emphatically not saying that (nor do I think Ms. Finn is).

What I am saying is that life is. And that “is” contains many unpleasant circumstances (and very nice ones too but that’s a subject for another day).  Bad times (and good times) happen no matter what I truths I accept.

But I’m choosing to learn (and you may as well) from what I’m living through so that the next time I come up against these selfsame conditions, I have a bit more experience at my back.  It’s what we all hope for when facing the stark unlikelihood of everything going our way.

I do believe sooner or later if we’re still on the earth, the wheel-of-fortune will turn, euphemistically. the sun will shine and our burdens will ease…at least for a little while.

In April, we have the opportunity to put the philosophy of John D. Rockefeller into action. The philosophy that “every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty” flowed from the lips of an individual who wanted for nothing.

Most of you reading here will not have that experience in full…however many of us do have rights, opportunities, possessions and a peace of mind that can qualify as the envy of many.

In some small part, each of us has the skills, knowledge and talents to weather an aspect (however small) of the current tumultuous times.  Extend a hand to the person you *can* help as you grapple with your own indigence in whatever form it manifests.

Don’t be surprised (and accept graciously) if the same courtesy is extended to you.

Universally, this month, we’re all subject to the circular turns of dharma and karma.

Additional emphasis for personal years:

  • One: Movement, freedom and a thirst for life emphasized
  • Two: Home front situations, harmony and partnerships emphasized
  • Three: Limpid introspection, truth and clarity emphasized
  • Four: Organization, focus, money and effects of previous actions
  • Five: Shedding of the old; dramatic completions emphasized
  • Six:  New partnerships, connections and pioneering coalitions
  • Seven: Insights, wisdom revealed and  cooperative harmony emphasized
  • Eight: Joy, celebrations and consequences emphasized
  • Nine: Pragmatic, sensible conclusions emphasized

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