March 2009

What is it about our never-ending crusade to better ourselves? To shortcut pain and heartache and despair? Why do we yo-yo between acceptance and rebellion? Perhaps it has to do with the nature of reality which we can’t ever really know until it resides in the past. Should we courageously push on with the struggle or should we more bravely understand that the real battle lies in our ability to accept life as it comes?

Is it better to be passive or active, angry or subservient? Listen to our precious, virgin inner voice or shut its treacherous stream of denunciation? Who knows? And among those who say they know, to whom should we cleave as the authentic source of truth?

The answers? All. None. Some. The latter. The former. Many. Few.

Yeah, pretty helpful isn’t it?

The truth is none of us, not down to the most prescient psychic knows what is right for you or me. It’s (with a hat tip to Joan Didion) all just a play-it-as-it-lays life. A confusing kaleidoscope of decisions in which what seems right for one person may not actually work for the gal or guy seated right next to us. So when you read these numeroscopes realize that what matters is not what I write here. What matters is how you interpret it…how you take it. Because the part you play in filtering the messages you receive is inseparable from your own happiness, your own well-being. So sift through my latest contributions to the universe and make it your own.

The universal energy of this March lavishes us (or engulfs us depending on your perspective) with the singular opportunity to make choices: big ones, little ones, all manner of from the smallest, insignificant of decisions to life altering, scene shifting, sea-changes

Whatever we do, our essential being-ness is our own personal beacon subtly or overtly influencing our fortunes over the next month. The point is less that there is a right and wrong (although such moral grammar cannot truly be separated out from the human condition). The point is that we realize that choice-points such as the ones we’ll be faced with this month simultaneously make all the difference and no difference at all.

It’s the way our actions flow (or conversely don’t flow) from these determinations that make the difference. Life is a series of acts in which we do or don’t do things. The trick is to find the flow between the wax and wane, to find the rhythm that ultimately is most US. It’s that freedom, to know our place in the moment (or how to course correct) that gets us closer to that numinous and elusive state: happiness.

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