Universally February will be the handmaiden of all that change that we’ve
heard so much of late. We mightily want our circumstances to shift but
they cannot unless we take the proper steps.

Those proper steps are what the universal energy of February offers us–a
rough passage through to the other side. This second calendar month is a 13/4, the sign of the cornerstone and the white rose. In the former, we sweep the playing field clean of debris and distraction and go to work on the
fundamentals. If these first bits aren’t set correctly, the entire enterprise is put in jeopardy. The meaning is clear-this groundwork must be undertaken with care for everything else after will reference it. It will lead us down a path: the straight or the crooked.

The white rose is derived from the tarot-based expression of a 13/4. It
is the symbol on the flag we somberly fly over our landscape and is synonymous with the material burdens we must release including the blinding acceptance of
unexamined concepts and notions that dumb down any attempts at conscious

Ironically, this is also descriptive of the surge of emotion
following the lucid acknowledgment that we need not be slaves to certain
beliefs, the poster child for the Ah-Ha moment where restraints, literal or
figurative are thrown off.

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