The Best of the Old – The Brightest of the New

It’s rather trite and disingenuous as a numerologist to say things are changing…because anyone who’s got their eyes open can see that that trend is there.  We expect change at the New Year and at the dawn of a new presidency.  We expect change when the stock markets hit record lows and unemployment rises to levels not seen in decades.  We expect change when weather patterns shift in ways we would have said were impossible just a few years ago.  So I’ll not say things are changing…we can all discern that to a lesser or greater extent on our own.  But what I will say is that the New Year expects us not just to react to change (by ignoring it, eagerly awaiting it or fearing it) but to *manage* it.  2009 then demands more than just our visceral response; it requires engagement.

Cooperation and Completion
Universally we’re in an eleven master year, factored by the sum of a two energy (the feminine, calm, harmony, associations) and nine energy (dramatic transitions to completion, the Mother Teresa number).   Combining these two energies is a bit of a trick…because collectively we’ll be straining to maintain the structural equilibrium still available from the previous cycles all the while preparing for something different and unknown to move into place.  Priorities must be shuffled *and*  sensitivities need to be accommodated.  It’s a delicate two-step toward we don’t know what…and the restrained anticipation of the other shoe dropping can lead to bull-in-a-china closet impatience or a profoundly detached fatigue.

What works
The spirit of gratitude helps us focus on what has gone right with our lives up to now…it’s a great time to take stock on what’s worked.  And ideally an acknowledgment that change is essential to our maturation as a species and a planet can help us more easily move toward new paradigms no matter how outlandish they may appear from our current perspective.  Yes, it will be bumpy but in Master years we’re all called to a higher standard.  When we meet it, we’re catapulted toward eye-popping potentials and formidable growth.  It’s a sea change to an entirely new level.

So there it is…the artful universal prescription for the New Year.

May you combine the best of the old with the brightest of the new…

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