What is numerology good for?

It’s a tool for understanding yourself

Why Numerology?

So why do people need numerology ( And when I ask that question, I’m really asking why I needed numerology)? Well, first, I firmly believe everyone needs a little something to get them through the thorny patches, the bits where life runs roughshod over our psyche’s. My native Catholicism didn’t pan out for me. Nor did any of the traditional Protestant religions I test-drove in college.

I liked the idea of spirituality, something with a narrative but I chafed at the idea of a figurehead…I don’t want a mediator, someone with whom I must negotiate with to get through the proverbial narrow threshold. And I had no burning need for a personal guru, thank you very much.

No, I hungered for something intensely personal, very customizable and interpretable by yours truly…that’s the way I wanted to play it. Again, this is what I wanted, so back to the original question, so I’m theorizing that’s what others may want too.

What’s so special about Numerology?

Numerology is a belief system that will meet you where you are, wherever that happens to be.

Seeking simplicity?

If you can add and subtract, the basic tenants of numerology are open to you. If you want a deeper drink, an examination of the compound consequences of cycle and personality, numerology will certainly lead you down a more complex road until you reach the inevitable butterfly effect…each warp and weft of our lives and the lives of others blended with destinies of place and time… combining and collaborating in an elaborate, ever shifting symphony!

But the point is still this: you can read the user’s manual that is numerology and still choose your own way.  Free will is a thing.

What about all the other options out there?

Of course there are many, many other disciplines under the sun …I’m not saying that this way outshines them or is more accurate, more pure, etc. This is just the one that appealed to me one day in 1984 whilst I was whiling my way around a new age fair. You know, when the student is ready, the teacher and the subject will reveal itself? The student was ready, the teacher and the subject revealed itself. Yup, it happened, just like that for me.  And I’ve been an avid pupil ever since.


Copyright Elisabeth Courington – 2009, 2017

1 comment on “It’s a tool for understanding yourself

  1. Jung as other famous forward-thinkers and inventors believed that the spheres of matter and psyche (mind) have a tangible connection through numbers. The Universe is ordered in a systematic fashion based on numbers with their inherent metaphysical attributes, chemical elements, and patterns.
    For a demonstration of a numerological pattern in number Pi, clusters of numbers, especially number 7, up-to-date explanation of the metaphysical attributes of numbers in context with current scientific facts, and the demonstration of living successful authentic lives see my book “Invisible Cloak – Know Thyself” (www.sumuniversal.com).


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