What is numerology good for?

Get your timing right with numerology

Timing is everything...and numerology can help

This is another in a series of what is numerology good for…

It’s good for planning.

Since the first time I learned how to fiddle with numbers, I’ve been using them to determine when to make a move and when to hang in there. In our free-will world you can start, end or continue anything whenever it strikes you. But right timing as well all know can provide just the boost necessary to push us over the finish line first.

When is the best time to start a creative project?

Each year features a different vibration. See how your year can influence your creative dreams-

* In a one year, your creative project will be less about the process and more about YOU. You being known for your wit, innovation and unique way of seeing the world. You introducing something specific, original and state-of-the-art.

* In a two year, creativity can be a tool for illumination and healing. Your original talents will gain accolades if and when they are trained on bringing peace and tranquility to a situation or when funneled towards creative problem solving.

* In a three year, your creative project success will be fueled by your authentic self —all the elements that make up the real you. Projects that showcase your unique spin on the world and that are expressed honestly have the most purchase. These creative pursuits can also, in and of themselves bring you great joy and which in turn can motivate you to meet your highest potential.

* In a four year, the natty details of your creative process will dominate. How can you be an painter, writer, musician, artiste, etc. and still keep a roof over your head? How does cash flow work? Who are your clients, your suppliers? How air tight are your current contracts? Where will you sell your goods and/or services? In a four personal year, in true entrepreneurial fashion, your passion can be transformed into a vital business.

* A five year brings great energy to exploring the different ways in which your creativity can flow. You’ll feel driven to check out all options, possibly to your detriment. While it’s true sowing some wild oats can bring amazing creative breakthroughs consider the consequences of ‘no limits’ before you fly without a safety net.

* A six year focuses artistic vision and elan in the domestic realm. You use your creativity to bring more comfort, more flair and more beauty into your surroundings. Such creative talents are both supportive and soothing to those who come to you for solace.

* On the face of it, a seven year doesn’t look particularly creative…but the opportunities are particularly fertile. A seven year can be a creative’s best friend because it is the sabbatical year, an extended time granted by the cosmos to take a hiatus from normal cares to pursue dreams closest, most hidden and most dear.

* Anyone from crafter’s to ballet dancers can attain a very high level of achievement in an eight year. An eight focuses cumulatively on how effectively we’ve been working toward our creative goals. With the eight drive, talent and confidence, success, especially material success is highlighted.

* Nine personal year’s are like the proverbial icing on the cake. The results of the creative efforts of the past 8 years come to a head and can peak in a spectacular ways. Nine years are nostalgic and cathartic…you’ll reflexively review and critique decades-long progress toward your creative goals. Naturally you’ll also assess how to make the best of your next cycle, retiring some creative goals and strongly considering the resurrection of others.

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