Where was I? One whole year has come and gone.

Wow...I'm actually going to try to finish an October post. This after not posting for like, forever in web terms. I could say my silence is a result of being been down and blue because I'm in my personal eight year, the once-every-nine-year time to concentrate on exercising my power.  Instead of celebrating my expertise and … Continue reading Where was I? One whole year has come and gone.

October 2012 – Homeward bound

In the realm of numerology, unsurprisingly, addition matters. Generically, to get the universal theme it's a logic game: x + y = z. Translated into numerology...month plus year equals theme. This is how numerology works…where see the theme, we have access to more knowledge. In September, this calculation added up to a concentration of energy...every … Continue reading October 2012 – Homeward bound